• Call to Order and Welcome

  • President’s Message

  • Reports from Officers and Directors

    • Operations Report 
    • Buildings and Grounds Report 
    • Membership Report
    • Swim Team Report
    • Snack Bar Report
    • Website Report
    • Social Activities Report
    • Community Outreach Report
    • Treasurer’s Report
  • Presentation and Adoption of By-Law update

  • Presentation and Adoption of the Fiscal Year 2024 Budget & Capital Improvement Plan

Draft 2024 Budget

Election of Officers and Directors for Fiscal Year 2023

Electoral Slate of Officers and Directors 
President James Cecere
Vice President, Operations Roger Custer
Vice President, Membership Monique Wright
Vice President, Buildings & Grounds Tony Barnett
Vice President, Competitive Activities Holly VanValkenburg
Treasurer Mary McDaniel
Secretary Rebecca Bordener
Website Stephanie Jensen
Snack Bar Kevin McGuire
Social Activities Giulliana Gonzalez
Social Activities Open
Member at Large Laura Gerber
Member at Large Andrea Hohler
Member at Large Taz Devescovi 
Member at Large  Open
  • Member Questions and Comments

  • Closing Remarks