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Nomz’s scrumptious dishes are ​exquisitely ​​curated using authentic ​Persian ​herbs, ​amazing sauces, fresh ​vegetables and ​beautiful ​​quality of ​​Basmati ​rice along with ​the ​best cuts of ​Halal ​meat, lamb​ or​ chicken​, ​with exotic spices (like ​Saffron, ​Turmeric, ​Cardamom, ​C​loves and ​C​innamon) reminiscent of the old trade routes that passed through the Persian Empire.

Chef Kamran take​s​ the finest ingredients and combines them with expertise in preparation and cooking traditional food​- c​reating ​delightful Persian cuisine for​ everyone to enjoy ​and crave ​again and again.

**PREORDERING Available 5 days before event and through event**
1. Go to this site: NOMZTRUCK.COM

3. BE SURE to CONFIRM your pick-up date and the address as the “pickup location”…
4. Click the “clock” icon to choose your preferred pick-up time.
5. Select desired items and click “Add to Order”

6. Click check out. Complete the details section (payment info). Enter your cell number to get alerts when your meal is ready.
7. Review and then DON’T FORGET to hit THE SUBMIT BUTTON


Thank you for supporting a small food truck business!